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For Father's Day

For Mother's Day

Grace for the Times...

(An Amazing Rap)

Amazing grace- it's a sweet, sweet sound

    -coming down around me

Understand, I was lost and found

    -was blind but now I see

Yo  this here grace taught my soul to fear

    -when it's in your face, your fear's relieved

You can't deny it, it's fresh and clear

    -the power of the hour when you first believed

Thru danger, anger, sin and snares

    -don't you doubt it when you roam

Kicked around and nobody cares

    -this here grace will get you home

Nothing but the blood

   -precious is the flow

Nothing but the blood

   -making me white as snow

Nothing but the blood

   -ain't no other flow to know

Shout it out 10 thousand years- for light as bright as the sun

    -With all your nights and all your days

    -Let it all out and sing God's praise

And don't even think you'll ever be done

(adaptation of  2 classic hymns jk2003 )

(For a youth

group to perform)

ACT: Always Creating Theater

by Julie King

A slightly unconventional, informal & practical approach to teaching & coaching a theater class or drama team utilizing principals of communications & character along with lots & lots of improve exercises.

My goals

-Have fun.

-Provide a workshop & training ground for= 1) people to learn &/or get more experience in theater; 2) possibly build a drama team for your organization or 3) polish an existing team.

Goals for participants

-Have fun.

-Gain/learn confidence inside & out, on & off stage.

-Find out how to create something with nothing using characterization, communications & improve.

-Discover strengths & weaknesses as well as explore possible hidden talents.

-Learn to work as a team= 1) prima-donnas are lonely people--a team supports each other on & off stage (i.e. would you rather be in a fun, dynamic, creating magic kind of production or an uptight, stressful, is-it-too-late-for-me-to-back-out-now production?) & 2) take those team building skills into any new group situation to build cohesion--or at least be fun to work with where ever you go.


-Topic & discussion, every other week, 1 hour to 1 hours max, for like 6 /7 sessions??

-Always at least 1 or 2 improve exercises best way to exercise your acting muscles.


-Any room or area with chairs we can move around.

-Be on time--the curtain waits for no one!

Class Outline Sample

Session 1 Intro= How do you create theater...?

1) ...With communications

Why? Understanding the tools of communications gives you insight into what you're trying to accomplish on stage.

A. Communications consists of 3 parts= Sender, Receiver & Message

2) ...With a character

Why? Your character is your story teller & having a character means you always have a plan.

A. Character consists of 3 parts= Attitude/motive, Voice & Body language

3) ...& lots of improv exercises.

Why? Improv is the key to great acting by learning to stay in character, builds confidence & develops on the spot creativity. Basically, if you can survive improv--even get good at it--you can handle & face anything for any audience.

A. Improv consists of 3 parts= Character, Creativity & Confidence (individual/team)


(drama team workshop)

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