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Julie King

Writer-Editor & Project Doctor


creative writing

~"Feren's Report", "The Candle Dance", "My Queen of Starlight", "Aftermath", "Other Lands" & "Elvish Medicine"

   =Thranduil fan fiction for the HOBBIT movies.

[First posted on, jk2017 all rights reserved]

~"Case Study: Sparrow, Jack" =Jack fan fiction for the POTC 3 movie.

~"Do Angels Smell of Rum?" =Jack fan fiction for the POTC 1 movie.

~"...My Heart Belongs to Someone Else" =Logan fan fiction for X-MEN 1 movie.

[First posted on, jk2009 ik2008 jk2000 respectively,  all rights reserved]

~"My Paso Doble" =Reality fan fiction for Dancing With The Stars.

[First posted on, jk2007, all rights reserved]


~MINDFIELDS =Feature film script won Screenwriter's Workshop contest "Industry Connections", WGA #474101

[John Jansen, IC Coordinator Screenwriter's Workshop, c1993 all rights reserved]

~WHEN THE PAWN BECOMES THE QUEEN =Original first draft submission.

~PAWN =Final production draft of the feature film short.

[Directed by Dean Hyers, Hyers Productions, c1990-1991 all rights proprietary]

~"Pawnee Boy" =Episodic TV treatment, WGA #444657 (under option until series cancellation).

~"Special Delivery" =Episodic TV script, WGA #444657.

~"William's Station" =Episodic TV outline, WGA #444657 (under option until series cancellation).

[YOUNG RIDERS Steven Baum, Exe. Producer Pendragon /MGM TV, c1989-1990 all rights proprietary]

~"The Contract" =Syndication TV script, WGA #419555.

~"The Dradnucarni" =Syndication TV script, WGA #419555.

~"To Thine Own Self Be True" =Syndication TV script, WGA #419555 (under option until final season).

[STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION  Robert Justman, Exe. Producer & Brannon Braga,  Exe. Producers Paramount

   Studios, c1989-1994 all rights proprietary]

stage writing

~ACT: Always Creating Theater =Drama team workshop.

[Previously submitted to Ed Jenkins, Dir. North Heights Children's Ministries, c2010 all rights reserved]

~"Grace for the Times…" (An Amazing Rap) =Adaptation of 2 classic hymns for a youth group performance.

[c2003, all rights reserved]

~THE WAITING ROOM =Short play for Father's Day.

[Previously submitted to The Heights creative team, c2003 all rights reserved]

~TIMES OF LETTING GO =Short play for Mother's Day.

[Directed by Dale Britannoll, Summit Assembly Mother's Day, c2003 all rights reserved]


~CHRONOLOGICALLY FILED STANZAS =Poetry manuscript--third revision. Please email me for a copy.

[Majority of the poems are posted on, c1987, jk2000, jk2008 all rights reserved]

web design, & =Web-ecom of holiday effects decor.

[Partnership with Jon Hyers, jk2017, jk2013, jk2015 respectively, all rights reserved] =Website creation & management including setting up the host & domain; creating the design & all the

   text & graphics and keeping it current w/ updates by add ing new pages & material as needed.

[Freelance for Josh Godfredson, c2009- 2013 Mn Capt. Jack Sparrow, all rights reserved]

technical writing

~Operator's Manual for Palm Beach County Water Treatment Plant No.9 =Content & format editing of a first draft.

[Freelance for Troy LaDoux, c2003 all rights proprietary]

~Email Settings for Netscape =End user guide for setting up email on different versions of Netscape.

~MFO System Administrator's Guide =Level 1 user guide for the LAN server, web site & office connections.

~Setting Up Email For New Employee/User =End user guide for setting up new employee email.

~Setting Up a New Computer Out of the Box =End user guide for setting up new computers.

~Setting Up the Printer Connection =End user guide for setting up the printer connections.

[Technical consultant hired to set up, document & assist with new PCs at MFO, 2001 all rights proprietary]

~Metering Service v1.0 Phase One: Production Specification =Reference for all departments.


~QUICK & EASY WINCVS INSTALLATION GUIDE =Windows integration software for linux & unix PCs.

~SPECIFICATION WRITING PROCESS GUIDE =Created templates & defined the process for all dept. to follow.

~Speiros v1.0 Third Party Development =Partnership dept. for external development end users.

~Speiros v1.0 User Guide =Internal company wide reference for installation & product use.

~Speiros v1.0 White Paper =PR dept. external media distribution.

[Sr. Business Analyst/Tech Writer at Cyrus Intersoft, 1999-2000 all rights proprietary]

~ADMINMENU SUPPORT TOOL =Reference guide for Level 2 Help Desk Support.

~GATE MANAGEMENT USER GUIDE =References all programs for Level 3 Management.

~RAMP HUB ADMINISTRATION  GUIDE =User guide for Level 1 Control Tower end users.

[Freelance for Northwest Airline's Gate Management Dept. & the KLM merger--now Delta Airlines, 1996 - 1997 all rights proprietary]

freelance =Online marketing & PR.

[Freelance for Jon Hyers, c2010-2015, Outrageous Media, Inc. all rights proprietary]

~"Inside Nature's Clarinet" =Content & copy editing for submission to Backpacker magazine.

[Freelance for Jim Norton, c2006 all rights reserved]

~A HAUNTED HOUSE FROM HYERS PRODUCTIONS =Press release for a community fundraising event.

[Freelance for Jon Hyers, Producer Hyers Productions, c1993, all rights proprietary]


~Maksim Chmerkovskiy Biographical Book Proposal =Book proposal submitted to his manager Shanna Jven.

[Spec sub, c2007 all rights reserved]

~"Hello, This is Harry..." =Interview with Harry Frankel who I met through work.

[Previously submitted to AARP magazine, c2005 all rights reserved]


   project for my double major from my internship.

~TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO CM MAJOR HAS GONE: A Media Comparison of the Original STAR TREK With the New=  Media

   study for "Intro to Communications".

[Communication Arts & Anthropology, Hamline University St Paul, c1987, c1989 respectively, all rights reserved]







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