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Chronic Confusion

What was I saying?
What did I come in here for?
I was going to pack the presents
No, wrap the presents
Pack the pants

I was going to say
I need a nap
Which rhymes with wrap
Which lead to presents and pants
And why I have this suitcase in my hands

And people wonder why I'm so tired all the time...


(in response to the mush-mind that comes with chronic fatigue--and that it's been a long, long, long time since I've written something--like 8 years! jk2008)

These are my current favorites, which are subject to change without notice...

The Man on the Moon Can Sometimes Cry

I watch the tears fall from the sky
The man on the moon can sometimes cry
And the night folds into my soul
The day is gone, having taken its toll

Candle flame
I trace my name
Along the reaches of you heart
Where I knew from the start

I always go for the little things
The tiny bells that barely ring
The hurts you thought no one knew
I can feel too

Any door closed makes me curious
Don't tell me where I can't go--makes me furious

And the darkness can always tell how the candle likes to burn

In every little tear, there's something new to learn

Don't walk away from one more try
The man on the moon can sometimes cry
But no one bothers to stop and see
Except maybe me


(just cause it really is the little things... jk1983)

Heart's Edge

There I am, desperately dancing on the ledge
In your dreams I dance
In and out on your heart's edge
Like a gambler playing with chance
Oh how I dance and then the dreams all end
My dreams all end
Do I still call you friend?

There it is, the ledge and I can't reach it now
The distance isn't a touch away
High above me and I don't know how
I fell off, what can I say
What can I say as the dreams all end
My dreams all end
Do I still call you friend?

I don't know if you're still there
My heart's behind the ledge
Freedom comes when I don't care
I don't play on my heart's edge
I don't play when my dreams all end
My dreams all end
Do I still call you friend?


(ah yes, another love gone... gone where? good question, jk1985)

The pdf is temporarily unavailable, please email me for a copy.




(poetry manuscript)




Not Afraid

I'm not afraid

Just always unsure

Of my place in this world

Of my words in this world

Of my sanity

And where I stand

And why I stand

And how gravity

Keeps pulling me

Keeps turning me

Keeps reality

Slightly unsure

But I'm not afraid

Just a little anxious...






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