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I'd like to think I'm always write, but the truth is I'm only mostly write...

And you should know,

I believe there is no such thing as bad writing--

it's a work in progress waiting for the write expression.


nonfiction: DWTS~Maks bio book proposal, AARP interview sub, Star Trek paper & museum paper.


about me: my life is an open book (mostly)...

web design: freelance website for a pirate & my own e-com.

technical writing: user guides for Delta airlines, PC setup, specs & guides for software co.

freelance: content editing for magazine sub, tech manual & haunted house press release.

poetry: posted several of my fav poems & my poetry manuscript.


stage writing: drama team workshop, 2 short plays & youth group rap.

creative writing: fan fic for Hobbit~Thranduil, pirates~Jack, x-men

~Logan, & DWTS~Maks

creative writing

scripts: Star Trek Next Generation, Young Riders, feature short & MindFields original movie script.


resume: submission history for all the manuscripts.


Actually, I take that back. The only bad writing I know of

is the stuff you didn't bother to write (kind of like the only dumb question is the one that wasn't asked...).





about me





web design

creative writing






A note about fair use...

Not only is this my portfolio, but

I posted my stuff here with the

intention to help people see

examples of market formats for

their own writing.

So I encourage you to

download the pdfs and I'm fairly

flattered if you want to link or

post it on your own website--

unless it's for "good examples of

bad writing", in which case I'll be

crushed--but either way,

please let me know.

And I welcome any questions

or comments (that don't exceed

the limits of my medication ; )

Thanks! julie

please always give credit

where credit it due

Julie King for writing, editing & project doctoring. The manuscript submission info is on my resume.

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