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"I dislike intensely--which is not the same as "fear", mind you--but I intensely dislike those little beasties with six legs. But you see, I know what displaces them..." He paused dramatically. "They can't swim!" Nary a one can swim! And so you spit on them to subdue them and crush them mercilessly beneath your boot before kicking them off into the dreaded ocean!" ~jk




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KL: You were saying... you see dead people?

S: Not really sure about the others... but I do know I shot Barbossa in cold blood--in fact, those were his last words, "I feel cold." And since the curse had been lifted, he was no longer undead, but really, really dead. Savvy?  ~jk

Logan~X-MEN1 fan fiction

It's a fact that people in a  coma can be aware of their  surroundings. This is especially true for someone with heightened senses...  ~jk


Maks~Dancing with the Stars fan fiction

"You don't say much do you?"

Actually, I do, but I'm trying real hard not to be a blabbering idiot--just a lame, blushing, gawking idiot..  ~jk

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The Candle Dance

(A fun little story that takes place in the Training Hall

any time before the "Hobbit" movies.)

Thranduil cautiously crept into the candle room, carrying his two prized long swords and leaned

slowly against the door to shut it without causing a draft. He surveyed the space and smirked at

the challenge.

The entire room was filled with hundreds of candles of varying lengths and widths. They were placed on stands, pedestals and tables at differing heights so that some were barely several inches off the floor while several others were suspended above his head. The Sword Master had indeed created a complex course.

He put the swords down on a stand by the door and hung his heavy burgundy robe on a peg. This left him in a short, thin gray tunic and leggings with matching short boots to move about freely and unencumbered. The room was warm and the candles had suffused his skin and icy gray eyes with a soft shine before he had even begun the exercise.

He unsheathed the swords and stood by the first table. He twirled first one blade forward and backwards to flex his wrists and then the other as he brought them down to his sides. He took several deep breaths and started the kata.

He circled through the room in a elegant weave of whirling blades and measured breathing until he was back where he started. He surveyed the space again, pleased with his success. Satisfied, he sheathed the swords and donned the robe.

He carefully opened the door so that the candles continued to burn brightly and found all eyes in the Training Hall were upon him. Still smiling smugly, he inclined his head once to acknowledge them and left.

Feren was first at the door but he left it open, allowing the others to file in and inspect the room. It had been awhile since the Elvenking had done the "candle dance", as they liked to call it, and everyone was excited to see the results.

Every single candle had been neatly sliced in half through its exact center without disturbing the flame. The elves also noted how the eggs were still in place. As part of this challenge, the Sword Master had placed several mirrors around the room in hopes of creating confusing reflections. Had the mirrors been struck by mistake, the eggs would have toppled to the floor.

Finally, the Sword Master himself entered, knowing what he would find. Eyes wide with amazement as well as smiles of appreciation and awe greeted him, as expected.

"Would anyone else like to try the candle dance? No? Then do be kind and help me put out all these candles..."


Thranduil and the Middle-Earth of the Hobbit movies are the property of Warner Bros. Entertainment & MGM directly; Sir PJ indirectly and Mr Lee Pace embodimently because he is--oh my yes!-- Thranduil. I'm just visiting cause I had to see the candle dance for myself and not for profit jk2017, tyl.]

Thranduil~HOBBIT movies fan fiction

"Where are they?" Thranduil asked pointedly without turning around. He did not want Feren to see his disappointment in hearing only one set of footsteps behind him. ~jk

"You!" He roared with rage, bringing his sword down in a savage swing. He barely missed the Captain. "You are to protect the queen at all costs! Even to the cost of your own life!"~jk

"You," his voice dropped to a dangerous decibel, "accused me of having no love and I smashed your

bow. I was ready to end your life then and there. You do realize that, do you not?" ~jk

"Of course not," Thranduil cut her off smoothly. "I would not want to be with anyone who is unwilling." His voiced dropped to a sultry whisper,  "there would be no joy in it." ~jk

"Oin, you are welcome." // Wide-eyed, the Dwarf turned around. The Elvenking had not pitched his voice in any special way, yet he heard the whisper as clear as a bell. He shook his head in awe as tears watered his eyes. ~jk

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