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See, it's stuff like this I find so intriguing. Click on the pic for a larger image.                                           


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Yes, I have my own lego with a half-way decent resemblance (and probably a better attitude).                             


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I am a freelance writer-editor (mostly) living with Fibromyalgia-CFS, DJD (sorta) and assorted other aliments one inherits from their parents..

About the writing thing: Well, a writer is as a writer does… I've basically been a writer all my life because it turned out to be the most effective way to express myself besides acting & art. I've got experience in proofing & editing, concept & design, content & research, and publication or management for the web, scripts (tv/ff/ind.), tech specs & manuals, business analysis, media/PR, fiction, nonfiction, fanfic, bios, stage, and always poetry.

About the Fibromyalgia-CFS thing: It put my life into an extremely slow crawl. I've got all these projects & to do lists & lists of lists that aren't getting done at the speed I use to live at. And it just seems to take forever to accomplish something (Yes I know it's Sunday and I started wrapping presents on Friday--but hey, I've got 2 of them done!)

So I may be down (probably taking a another nap), but not beaten. It's a matter of relearning what to expect from yourself & telling others what you need, plus a whole lot of Grace, hope & patience (but I admit some days are easier than others.)

What matters now: Running on Grace power and really appreciating the people who bring light, humor & smooth grooves to my life. Also trying to build awareness by telling it like it is and sharing what does & doesn't help and/or work.

About life, the universe & everything (else): I'm mostly harmless, my favorite color is green & I like doing things in 3s. Any ice cream with chocolate and/or rum in it is my favorite--people are always asking what your fav ice cream is, so there you go. And I always (must) have smooth jazz on to keep things calm & cool, steady & stable with no challenges or change (hate change, change is exhausting, I am serious--whether it's good or bad--change is exhausting), stress & strain--well, you get the idea.

Oh and  I have 2 tattoos--I still need a 3rd design and it's driving me mad I don't have one. I'm open to any ideas or suggestions (within reason, of course).  ~Julie

PS: I would also love to hear from any kindred spirits out there who might have any of this stuff in common. I'd like to know how you're coping & getting along--especially other writers.








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Julie King for writing, editing & project doctoring. The manuscript submission info is on my resume.

*(No smooth jazz, ice cream or the universe were harmed during the production of this web page.)

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